2017 Infiniti Q60 – New dynamically styled Coupe has the goods!


A fitting replacement for the much-loved Infiniti G37, the new Infiniti Q60 sports coupe is very impressive. As some Japanese sports cars become grotesque- looking with fussy hyper extended styling, particularly at the front end, the Q60 is instead aesthetically; extremely pleasing. It possesses’ some aggressive touches and muscularity that’s not overpowering. Infiniti’s design language is still very present in the bodywork and the larger signature doublearch grille – however there is a litheness and athletic posture to the new coupe. It is wind-cheating too- with a slippery 0.28 drag coefficient. There are three models available; the entry- level Q60 2.0t with AWD priced at $45,990; the Q60 3.0t AWD at $52,990 and the top Q60 Red Sport 400 AWD that is listed at $60,990. The base Q60 arrives with a 208 horsepower, 258 lb.-ft. turbo charged 2.0-litre fourcylinder with Mercedes-Benz origins), while the higher model arrives with Nissan’s new VR30 twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 available with either; 300 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft., or a mighty 400 hp and 350 lb.- ft. in the Red Sport version. All 2017 Canadian spec cars are equipped with a sevenspeed automatic transmissions, all-wheel drive and 19-inch alloy wheels. The Q60 is also a delight for technophiles. The power gets sent to the rear wheels by default, while an all-wheel drive system that can split well mannered unless severely pushed, but it’s still a hugely entertaining car to drive. In fact it’s more comfortable and easier to drive and spend long road trip in than the previous car. What it lacks in chuckability, it makes up for in decent road manners and makes for great Grand Touring car in the old tradition. One of my favorite coupes in recent memory and very desirable for its blend of performance, luxury, style and refinement. Test drive highly recommended 2017 Infiniti QX60 Coupe. Priced from $45,990 – $60,990 Friday, May 12, 2017 || Ph. : 604-597-7749 || Fax : 1-855-796-3342 www.swmediagroup.ca Email: atweekly@swmediagroup.ca AutoTrendsWeekly @AutoTrendsCan auto_trends_weekly the power 50/50 between the two axles is optional. The engine is Infiniti’s new VR30DDTT unit, that’s technologically impressive with its aluminum block and aluminum cylinder heads that integrate both the turbo chargers and the exhaust manifolds into the head design. In addition, watercooled charge coolers help to minimize the flow path for the turbochargers, reducing turbo lag. However the new motor is now environmentally friendly more power, yet reduced emissions and better fuel economy. On the road, the Q60 is quick, agile but very refined. Opting for the Red Sport version with its trick Digital Dynamic Suspension system that monitors body roll, pitch and bounce rate and the Q60 handles different road surfaces with instantly adjusting damper. The result is as controlled and stable ride. Handling is also enhanced by the new, revised second-generation Infiniti’s Direct Adaptive Steering, which by way of its steer- bywire electronic linkage smooth’s out vibrations with a direct linear feel. Also helping out in the driving dynamics is the Q60’s Active Trace Control, which adjusts brakes and suspension settings as needed. The Q60 arrives with five driving modes, with sport+ being the most entertaining. The new engines is a turbine smooth unit that proves willing and with ample power at the mid and top range of the tach. And the Q60 stops as well as it goes, thanks to the huge 14 inch Brembo 4 piston front brakes and the 13.8” inch rear calipers. All in all the Q60 is a brilliant bespoke successor to the G37. It doesn’t have the G37s dynamic audio soundtrack with its crackling snorting exhaust. The Q60 exhaust note is a little refined and